Covid 19

Dear Customers

Although It is now not mandatory to wear masks in our showrooms, we will continue to do so to protect ourselves and others. We will not be asking you to wear one, this is your choice.

We have been busy behind the scenes cleaning, topping up our hand sanitiser, new signs, one way systems, wider aisles and making sure that the staff can monitor the number of customers that we have in the showroom at one time. To start with the staff will remain in their "bubbles" so there will be fewer staff available so please bear with us, as you may need to be patient and wait until one is available. This may mean waiting near to the door or outside if we feel that the showroom is too busy.

Our staff are under-going the lateral home tests twice a week and we are all double vaccinated.

Please ensure that if you do choose to wear your mask , it is covering the nose and mouth this is to protect the staff and yourselves.

Our delivery procedure are there to make sure we can deliver to you in a safe and sensible way. Lords is a family company and we want to make sure all of our staff are kept safe, we will be limiting their possible exposure to this virus as much as possible and in so doing will be asking all customers two questions before we will deliver within your home. 

  1. Have you had to seek medical advice resulting in being advised to self-isolate or have you decided to self-isolate as a result of potential coronavirus contact? 
  2. Have you returned from a visit abroad known to be considered at risk of the coronavirus within the last 14 days? 

Should the answer to either of the above be a yes we will still deliver but to your doorstep or a garage/outbuilding and won’t be asking for a signature but will take photographic evidence of the delivery.

We will ring the doorbell or knock and stand 2 metres from your door and wait for you to accept this delivery.

For anyone else, we will endeavour to deliver into your home as long as you move a safe distance from our staff and stay a minimum of 2 metres from the delivery team at all times. Our staff will refuse to deliver should you not adhere to these rules. Wherever possible we would ask that you stay in another room.

When we have finished the delivery we will use sanitiser wipes to clean any areas we have been in contact with and our staff will be wearing disposable gloves which will be disposed of after each delivery so as not to cross-contaminate between different households.  

We appreciate these may seem like drastic measures but we all need to be mindful that this is not a short term event and we are going to have to live with this for some time. 

We are here to help but please remember that we are a local company that has local staff who are also being affected by this current situation and we need our business to carry on as much as possible to help pay them and to support their families through this. We do not want this to spell the end for any business in our local community and as such would like us all to come together to help each other through the next few months.

Thank you

Lords Electrical